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MTI2014级李嘉惠 翻译作品(一)  英译汉


Something out of nothing   无中生有

A 3D printer may be able to create houses, guns and even specialty Ketchup bottle tops, but without cheap, comprehensive design software its mainstream reach will be minimal. How else will everyday enthusiasts be able to create whatever odd object they fancy? Despite the onslaught of easy-to-use, moderately priced 3D printers, simple design tools have not kept in step. But now some software firms have begun, at last, to design user-friendly products to fill the void.


Mixed Dimensions, based out of Jordan and California, is leading the way. It is not only in the final-stages of fully releasing its easy-to-use design software, MXD3D design tool, but has an end-goal to provide an all-encompassing 3D experience. It will include a design tool that runs on the browser and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), and a comprehensive marketplace for users to share and sell their creations, buy other’s objects and transfer their design to a printer. Mixed Dimensions has big plans despite its currently small outreach of 20,000 users.

约旦和加利福尼亚初创企业Mixed Dimensions是该行业领头羊。MXD3D(该企业设计的3D建模App)设计工具极其注重3D设计App易用性,处于面试前的最后阶段,但其最终目的是提供包罗万象的3D体验——用户可以在电脑浏览器和移动平台(安卓和iOS系统均适用)上使用MXD3D,其在线社区可供用户分享、售卖自己的创意,购买他人3D模型并打印自己的的设计作品。Mixed Dimension现有用户仅2万人,但其雄心不可小觑。

Co-founders Muhannad Taslaq and Baha Abu Nojaimbeen have been building the MXD3D design tool for the past three years. It’s in private beta and will have its full launch early this summer, at which time they plan to charge a monthly or annual fee for users. The idea came from their realization that most of those coming into 3D printing are average people, not specialists. Mr Taslaq says that their program is “as easy as using a pencil and drawing on a screen.” After users draw an image on the grid using either a provided shape or the pencil tool, they click a single yellow 3D square button to stretch their image into the 3D version of itself.

三年来,该企业联合创始人Muhannad Taslaq Baha Abu Nojaimbeen一直致力于MXD3D设计工具的研究设计。目前,该App正处于内测阶段,今年初夏将全面推广,计划到时向用户收取月费或年费。萌生这一念头是因为他们发现,使用3D打印的大部分是普通老百姓而非专家。Taslaq先生表示,使用他们的App,简单地就像拿根儿铅笔在屏幕上画画儿。用户使用已有3D模型或铅笔工具在网格平面上作图后,只需轻点“3D”方形按钮,平面图即可变身栩栩如生的3D版本。

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